IQAC Overview

IQAC Overview


Quality education and Equity excellence would be the priority of the college. The institution would cope up with scholarly performance as regard to the innovative approach .A futuristic hope to attain a commendable status in the state and country as well, so far as the quality of education is concerned .Equal access for the SC/ST/OBC students would be the cherished vision and poor students and weaker section would be the target group for up-liftment. Our efforts would be to provide the job oriented education particularly to girls. This type of education helps, students to be able to face the vulnerability in this complex and demanding juncture of the modern era.


This institution would have a mission for its commitment to high standard and levels of performance. B. C. S. Govt. P. G. College, Dhamtari would strive to disseminate knowledge through Learning- Teaching Process. Keeping in mind the social structure of the area we would strive hard and would consider how to serve the requirement of the people in the area. We would like to achieve such a status for catering to the need of higher percentage people belonging to SC/ST and backward classes and weaker section.


The college would be preparing students to cope up with the modern scenario and challenges and threats outside and it would be the objective of the institution. Higher Linguistic skill for the student would be the focus so that the students of backward class would have access to the better quality educational institutions.

The main target of the college would be creating an atmosphere to encourage youngsters for participation in different streams of higher education. This endeavour will help to increase employability after passing out.

For equity excellence the percentage of SC, ST students’ participation should be given priority so that the disadvantaged group have equal participation in higher education.

We would certainly have an aim to introduce Job Oriented courses to increase the employability of the students leaving the college. Development of backward areas would be possible if the SC, ST and OBC students are given more opportunity to have their share of education. In the 21st century women empowerment has been a topic of concern not only in India but also in the world as well and hence by increasing women ratio will provide us ample opportunity of contribution for women empowerment.